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Quality Guaranteed

Price List

GeneralExam (Regular patient, X-rays excluded)From 49
Mouth guards / sports guardsfrom 95
Small x-ray (digital)10.00
Pan-oral x-ray (full mouth - digital)55
Hygienist70 / 105 / 140
Scale & Polish (minor)23.00
Consultation / Emergency - advice only75.00
Exam for students (19 years - under 22 years)35
Exam for children (under 19 years on NHS)Free
Exam for new patients (Includes 2 small digital x-rays)75
Bleaching / Whitening FillingsWhite Fillings - smallfrom 200
White Fillings - largefrom 250
Amalgam Fillings (silver & mercury)from 140
Root Treatment ExtractionsOral Surgeryfrom 300
Simple Surgicalfrom 200
Front / Back teeth (single roots)from 595
DenturesRepair or addition to denturefrom 120
Chrome Dentures (metal)from 1200
Full Denturefrom 950
Partial Denturefrom 750
Crown and BridgeMetal Crownfrom 600
Crown, Veneer, Bridge Unitfrom 750
PeriodonticsConsultation and detailed assessment (60 minutes)135

Please note: This is intended as a guide only and your dentist will give you a detailed estimate of treatment costs.

Our fees reflect the high quality of the services offered and include the best materials and latest technology.

We are fully compliant with Department of Health (DoH) regulation HTM01-05 and registered with government's Care Quality Commission (CQC) ensuring the highest standards of cross infection control and the use of disposable items wherever possible.

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