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Welcome to the Sunbury Dental Practice

Established in 1959, we have grown into the largest practice in the area with an enviable reputation for providing quality care to patients of all ages.

The friendly and helpful staff, together with the relaxed environment, will dispel any negative emotions associated with visiting the dentist.

We offer early morning, evening and Saturday morning appointments to ensure that you can be seen at a time that suits you. With our weekend and bank holiday cover a dentist can be available, in an emergency, every day of the year.

We encourage our younger patients to attend for regular check-ups to ensure good dental hygiene thereby aiming to prevent problems occurring in later life. We also encourage this of our adult patients.

If you have a problem or are concerned about a particular aspect of your appearance, our team of dentists, dental specialists and hygienists, with their extensive experience, can ensure that you can receive the best possible advice and treatment.

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Our next CQC inspection is due on 16th march 2016
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